The trials and tribulations of makeup

When I was younger, I used to love sitting on the bed in my sisters room and watch her put on her makeup. I remember thinking I couldn't wait until I was old enough to do that. When I got to that age however, I realised you couldn't just slap any old thing on, makeup application was an art. You see, my sister was an artist, so to her, makeup was as easy as painting a wonderful masterpiece on a canvas. She was so good at it and made it look so darn easy. To me however, it didn't come that naturally or easy. When I was 13, I stole one of her eye shadows. It was bright blue which I applied over the lid up to my eyebrow. Yep, it looked as awful as it sounds. Add to that, the fact my eyes are on the slightly larger end of the spectrum so there is a whole lotta eye lid to play with. But as hilarious as it may have looked, I remember that feeling I got once the makeup was on. That feeling of being invincible and feeling so amazing. That's the thing about makeup, when you're wearing it, you feel like a wonder woman and ready to tackle what the world throws at you. You feel like a slightly better version of yourself, especially on the days when you need that feeling.

I am very much of the belief that we all need to love the skin we are in. The skin that God, Buddha, Allah, the Universe, whoever you want to believe, gave us. The skin with no makeup, as that is where the real beauty lies. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with applying our makeup to make ourselves feel better when we need that boost. When we have our sassy pants on and want the world to know it. That reminder of how god damn awesome we are. 

So this first blog post is dedicated to all makeup wearing (and non makeup wearing) women and men out there. To those of you like my sister who apply their makeup so flawlessly, to those of you who need the Youtube tutorials as a step by step process, and to those 13 year old girls stealing their sisters makeup and sneakily applying it in your bedroom. Embrace the amazing products that are out there. Embrace the creativity you can have when using them. And most of all, embrace who you are. Bare faced and beautiful 

Mary Tapsell

Creative Director of Reti + Rose

x x x

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