"Beyond blown away by my cocoa and peppermint scrub. I have always had quite dry uneven skin and it's always been hard to find a product to give me that smooth finish along with an amazing smell that I didn't react to, but one use of Reti and Rose's scrub I'm feeling and smelling amazing! So happy I decided to go to this little market out inTitirangi! I'm in love, love, LOVE!"

Claudia Molly xx

"Reti + Rose products are amazing. I used Scrub Cocoa/peppermint on my face. My skin felt smooth after rinsing. I use the Facial Oil mixed with my sunblock in the morning. My skins feels and looks lovely. I used to apply thin lizzy before I go out to work or shops. Now I just put on lip stick. I feel that confident. The first time I applied Reti + Rose Pink Clay purifying face mask, I felt instant tightening. I was amazed. Thank you Reti + Rose"

Cheers, Marg